My Business.Club experiences - Business Club Scam or Legit?

Business.Club is promoted by none other than the REAL Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. Sure, he’s a real shark. We all know the story I think. But of course he also has a lot of followers and with him as a driving force, I think something can really come of it. Among other things, he presented this business in December 2021 at the Blockchain World Summit in Abu Dhabi.

They have also applied to the Swiss Finma (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) for a license (not yet received!)

Business Club AG based in Zurich have starting capital of CHF 100,000. The project itself is said to have existed for a little longer or the company should be a merger of several companies originally from Malta.

The Business Club is a constantly growing, stable ecosystem. For example, the club offers its own cryptocurrency, an innovative cryptocurrency wallet, a Visa card, a social media platform, the ability to transfer funds between its users and much more. They also have their own VISA card

For example, you can buy the BCT (Business Club Token) there and get 0.346% – 0.566% on staking daily. Payout or reinvest is already possible from 10 USD.

Business.Club is currently giving you 100 USD starting capital (via registration with my link: when you go through the KYC! Blocked for 90 days. If you then want to take part, you should min. Deposit an additional $100.

The term is variable. With a 720 day plan and a minimum Investment of 100 USD and constant reinvest makes a profit of 1800 USD !

However, the enormously high returns make me cautious, albeit possible. But I’m willing to risk it, because the company is based in Switzerland, the license applied for and Belford as the driving force. The money should be generated through trading, among other things.

Please remember that it is a high-risk investment! It can all be gone!

Currently it works in any case and is still running on the Etherium blockchain, but we are in the process of designing our own blockchain – the Business Clubs blockchain.

Business.Club also has its own credit card, so you can use your money to go shopping in the supermarket or similar around the corner.

If you want to be there, you can use my link:

$100 Free!

*** $100 Free ***

If you register under my link, the provider will currently give you 100 USD as a gift as soon as you have gone through the KYC (Settings – Verification), this is valid for 90 days, if you want to be there then you have to pay in at least 100 USD to do so the initial gift continues to yield returns.

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