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My DealX Experience - Scam or Legit?

Still brand new, but in my opinion with enormous potential!

DealX is based in Dubai and is said to be linked to a local bank under the supervision of the Sheikh. The platform wants to achieve access for institutional investments as well as offer crypto exchange.

The presale phase of the in-house DXT (DealX Token) is still running and is currently still available for 32 ct each, but it is still rising. So if you want to be there, it’s best to get in as early as possible! After the presale, the listing price of the token should be €1.14.

Everyone who holds tokens automatically participates in a reward program:

25% of the trading fees of the Krypo Exchange (expected start Q3 2022) will be distributed to token holders. Preliminary agreements with Swiss asset managers should already provide the approx. 100 million €/CHF in liquidity.

75% of the Fees Institutions & Family Offices Pay for Putting Reserves in Crypto. For this purpose, a so-called crypto fund is set up, in which various crypto assets as well as gold & silver are mixed. According to Anton, this mixture is necessary so that the fluctuation is slowed down.

There will be 2 more pillars of income per token that are not disclosed yet. The dividends here are paid in BTC.

There is also a pool system with a maximum of 11 pools. In order to get dividends per token at all, you have to be in pool 1 and hold 3k tokens yourself or hold 1k tokens and have 2k tokens in your “team”.

DealX affiliate program

The affiliate program itself has 2 levels: 10% in the first level and 5% in the second level.

My recommender recently had a Zoom call with the Head of Sales, and thanks to all the information there, I see a lot of potential in this project. However, as with anything, it remains a risky investment.

If you want to know more or want to register without obligation, you can do so here:

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