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Invest in gold bars with 2% cashback per month waiting period

Where can I get my gold at cheaper prices than the current market price.

The company is called GGMT Gold or Green Gold Mine Trading GmbH. It was founded in Vienna in October 2018.

I came across the company back in 2020 and tried it out. And also have a small ingot delivered to me.

The business model of GGMT

You register under my link:

And then you can choose whether you want to be a partner or a customer. You select partners if you also want to earn additional money through partner advertising. This costs a one-time fee of €29 and you have to buy 1g of gold per active month. If you would buy 10g, you would be directly covered for 10 months. You can also just register as a customer and have support rewrite it later if necessary.

Gold bars from GGMT

GGMT has 3 plans:

1. Gold bars for immediate purchase. Will be delivered from Austria at short notice – gold at the current market price.

2. The RT 36 monthly plan 2% – There you buy your gold bars at the current market price, but you get 2% cashback for every month in which you do not have them delivered to you. Max. 36 months. You can cancel at any time

3. VIP RT Target 36 Months – Here, too, you buy at the current market price and get 2% cashback every month. BUT you cannot cancel this plan at any time, but at the earliest after 18 months. In addition to the 2% cashback, there is between 50 and 150% VIP Gold on top

GGMT Experiences - Gold - Serious or Scam
GGMT Experiences - Gold - serious or scam - invest in gold

Gold bars from GGMT - tax-free!

The current regular gold price at GGMT (as of 03/10/2022):
1g – €73.17

10g – €635.85

20g – €3,128.20

The ingenious thing: you could theoretically sell the gold again TAX-FREE upon delivery if you only had the gold delivered to you in 12 months or more or have kept it. The date that counts here is the date of purchase, NOT the date of delivery

Is GGMT's gold really real?

All gold bars from GGMT are 999.9 LBMA certified and are regularly delivered from Austria with an invoice.

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