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🌱 Is Juicy Fields legit? – my Juicy Fields experience, the 1st cannabis harvest

Juicy Fields – a cannergrow alternative?

I’ve been with you for a while now Cannergrow or the Cannerald GmbH invested and was now looking for a Cannergrow alternative to diversify my investments as best as possible. And that’s when I came across Juicy Fields crowdgrowing in 2020. At first I was a bit critical and researched because of the high yield and the very short turnaround time of 108 days for the Juicy Flash plants. theJuicy Grow Ltd is based in Berlin and so I called up and asked if a visit would be possible. That was the case and I was able to get my own picture of the company and its administration. The plants and greenhouses themselves are not in Berlin, but distributed all over the world. Of course in countries where growing cannabis is legal. 🙂 For more details on the exact business model and in which countries JuicyFields grows cannabis, check out the official website www.juicyfields.io

Was ist Juicy Fields? The business model:

Juicy Fields has partnerships with cannabis plantations worldwide. Mostly in countries with cheap
Production costs, such as Colombia, South Africa, but also Portugal, among others. As a so-called e-grower you can
you buy a hemp plant on one of the plantations via Juicy Fields and then share in the profit
involved. So basically it’s an arbitrage deal, since JuicyFields doesn’t own the plants

You are welcome to download the table mentioned in the video here:

My 1st investment in a Juicy Fields cannabis plant

After my visit and numerous questions to Juicy Grow GmbH, I decided to invest in the company in mid-March. So I bought my first 20 “JuicyFlash” cannabis plants for 1000 € under the following link: https://juicyfields.io Die Registrierung and thus the access to the backend with extended information and details about the possible cannabis investments is completely non-binding and free of charge. There are a total of 4 different cannabis plants on the JuicyFields platform. For example, the JuicyFlash cannabis plant I chose costs €50 each. After about 3.5 months of growing, harvesting and drying, the harvest obtained from the plant can then be sold. The selling price at the JuicyFlash is 1.50€/g and there is a yield between 45 – 55 g per harvest. After the harvest, this means sales proceeds of between €67.50 and €82.50 and thus a net profit of (!!) €17.50 to €32.50 after only 3.5 months per €50 plant!! JuicyFields has other types of plants that have a higher selling price and are renewed for free for several years. Here then a plant costs 2000€. But after I had calculated all the variants, I found that the cheap 50€ JuicyFlash hemp plant brings the greatest ROI and, due to the short binding of only 4 months, also poses the lowest risk.
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Now you can decide whether you want to have the money paid out or whether you want to reinvest it directly. Classic bank transfers are currently accepted for payouts, as well as BitCoin, Ethereum and Tether.

And yes, you can also deposit via bank transfer and withdraw via BitCoin. 😉

Juicy Fields withdrawal, withdrawal options - Juicy Fields experiences

What happens after buying the cannabis plant?

If you look at a cannabis plant from here JuicyFields bought and paid for, your plant will be planted. This happens twice a week, so you won’t have to wait long.

Now the little plant has to grow and thrive, be harvested, dried and packaged. The whole thing takes 108 days with the JuicyFlash until you can sell your earnings.

With the other types of plants, not only does the selling price of your harvest vary, but also the harvesting frequency. As I said, according to my calculations, you get the highest ROI with the lowest risk with the small JuicyFlash plant.

But you are welcome to Backend by JuicyFields information about the other 3 plant species in more detail.

Update: my Juicy Fields experience – 1st harvest and more.

The 1st harvest at Juicy Fields was a complete success. I had bought 2 x 10 JuicyFlash plants for a total value of 1000€ and after 108 days I got 1470€ back. That makes a profit of 470€ in just 3.5 months!!! I am definitely absolutely thrilled and will continue to invest in this company. If you would also like to take advantage of this investment opportunity, you are welcome to register here free of charge and without obligationRegister with JuicyFields. Disclaimer: This is not financial or investment advice. Just my own experience and opinion. Every investment involves risk. That’s why I generally recommend only investing money that you have ‘left over’ and don’t necessarily need to live on.

Update 2.0 (November 2021)

In the meantime I have sold over 7 crops back to JuicyFields and also had the money paid out to my bank account. Everything went without any problems, so I can continue to recommend the company Juicy Grow GmbH.
JuicyFields experiences - payout of the first harvest

Is JuicyFields Scam and Fraud?

As with any company, there are always opinions that JuicyFields is a scam. Of course, crowdgrowing is an investment opportunity that is not yet very widespread, especially because hemp cultivation and possession are illegal in Germany.

The company is transparent, you can visit the office in Berlin and also the plantations.
Juicy Grow GmbH is also available for interviews and the employees are available.

In addition, there are now (as of August 2021) over 4000 people in the German Telegram group and thousands of people who have received their promised harvests and payouts.

Please also have a look at my other post, where I report about the harvest: Juicy Fields harvest and payout

Juicy Fields taxes

Since you are purchasing a service with JuicyFields that also makes you a profit, you will of course have to pay tax on this.
For detailed information, it is best to ask your tax advisor.

Caution! Disclaimer. All information without guarantee. It is not legal or tax advice on my part.

Is JuicyFields legal?

I’ve been asked several times if Juicy Fields is legal. Especially since the money will be invested in growing and trading cannabis.

The company Juicy Grow GmbH is based in Germany, but the farms and greenhouses are only in countries where the cultivation of hemp is permitted.

Also, you don’t have the hemp sent to your home, you sell it directly to Juicy Fields, which is then used for medicinal purposes.

It should also be said at this point that the cultivation of hemp is theoretically allowed in Germany – with the appropriate permission.

Juicy Fields Alternative

Alternative companies to invest in the cannabis market and benefit from the increasing demand for cannabis include:

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