Rendite JuicyFields Cannabisinvestment ROI

🌱 JuicyFields experiences – my experience report after 9 successful cannabis harvests

Since my first positive experience with JuicyFields, I have had 7 more successful harvests with the Crowdgrowing Platform. Today I want to take you with me and show you step by step that it works.

I had 2 orders where the plants were ready to harvest. In the video I walk you through the steps of the 1. Order by (20 Juicy Flash plants) and on the blog you will find the steps of 2nd finished order (10 Juciy Flash plants).

There was a 50% profit in just 108 days and the money was already in my bank account in 1 or 2 days.

I’ve already logged into the JuicyFields platform here and then went to “Harvest” in the menu bar. You can also switch the backend to German, but since I work primarily in English, almost everything is set to English. 🙂

JuicyFields sale plants payout

After logging in, it is only 2 clicks until you have sold the cannabis harvest to JuicyGrow GmbH.

As you can see, I bought 10 plants in the order, which is an investment of 500 €.
These 10 JuicyFlash plants have now yielded a total of 500g. So 50g per plant. At a selling price of €1.50 per gram, this makes a profit of €750.

And with it a WIN of 250€ after only 108 days !!!

Then briefly confirm again that you want to sell your cannabis harvest at the appropriate conditions and you can already see the amount in the backend.

Rendite JuicyFields Cannabisinvestment ROI
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You can now decide whether you want to withdraw the money or reinvest it. I usually have my winnings paid out & I reinvest my investment.

For the Juicy Fields payout, we now click on “Profit Balance” and can then decide how we would like the money paid out.

In addition to the classic bank transfer, there are also BitCoin, Ethereum and Tether.
With Bitcoin, the payout is in real time in your wallet.

I decide today for the bank transfer.

PS You can also deposit via bank transfer and have the winnings paid out via cryptos. 😉

Juicy Fields withdrawal, withdrawal options - Juicy Fields experiences

Then you enter the amount that you want to have paid out and you will receive a code by e-mail for confirmation. Then simply enter it in the JuicyFields backend.

About all purchases, sales, withdrawals there are of course a decent record which you can download in the back office for your own accounting.

For me it looks like this – with one click you still have the correct invoices:

JuicyFields backend, JuicyFields control

As you can see, from the proceeds of €750, I only had the profit of €250 paid out to me. I reinvest the remaining 500€ in 10 new plants, since the purchase of JuicyFlash does not include a renewal.

JuicyFields experiences, JuicyFields alternative

My Juicy Fields experience so far including my 9 cannabis harvests so far have been absolutely positive!

If you want to gain your own experience with JuicyFields, just click on the button. This will take you to the official JuicyFields website, where you free of charge to register can leave.

Update: Juicy Fields payout receipt in my bank account

As promised, here is the proof that the payout with Juicy Fields worked smoothly and quickly (for both orders).
The payout to my bank account took 1 or 2 business days.

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