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In order to be able to register with MyFirstPlant, you need a sponsor ID. To do this, simply enter “GROW” in the field provided or click on the following link for free registration:

If you have registered via the link and if you have decided to buy a plant, please send me an email to and I will refund you 30€ cashback. 🙂

My My First Plant experiences

Spoiler. 🙂

So far I have only had positive experiences with My First Plant.

The support always answered quickly.
Deposits and withdrawals have been problem-free so far and I am looking forward to the further development of the company. I will definitely report and update you.

Make money online with cannabis - a Cannergrow alternative

There is a new Cannergrow alternative and it is currently much cheaper.

At My First Plant, the parking space currently only costs half as much as at Cannerald GmbH. So 800 € once. However, it has already been announced that the price will also increase here.

MyFirstPlant also harvests 3-4 times a year. Due to the low entry price and the fact that you get the entire harvest and not just 50% like with Cannergrow, the ROI should occur after 2 to 2.5 years and after that everything is a profit.

How can MFP MyFirstPlant hand over the entire harvest of the plant to you, some of you are probably wondering. Quite simply: the crop yields are distributed in full, since the company’s running costs are already covered by the company’s own plants.

With Cannergrow you invest twice as much but only get half the harvest. But of course Cannerald GmbH also has its right to exist. Cannerald GmbH has been on the market for much longer, is a lot more transparent and can resell the hemp or the products made from it more expensively thanks to the certificates.

According to the respective companies, the return on Cannergrow is around 12% per year. and the return on My First Plant at around 40 – 50%.

Buy-Now-MyFirstPlant Crowdgrowing, building passive income

Was ist My First Plant?

The business model is ultimately the same as Cannergrow.
You can buy a hemp plant or the parking space and then receive shares of the harvest for life. In addition, My First Plant also has an affiliate program. Over 9 levels, they pour out up to 25%.

I have uploaded the official explanatory video created by My First Plant GmbH for you.

Is My First Plant legit?

My First Plant GmbH is based in Klagenfurt, Austria and is dated
Managing director Mario Abraham represented, who is also a shareholder. Next
there are 4 other shareholders.

The Company
itself is still brand new and only became available in this form in the summer of 2020



My First Plant Withdrawals and Deposits

With MFP you can decide whether you want to reinvest the crop yields and commissions and get an additional parking space or whether you want to have the money paid out to you.

Currently, My First Plant has the following deposit options:

Bank Transfer, BitCoin Direct Checkout, Credit Card, SOFORT Banking

The payment is currently being processed Bank transfer and BitCoin

Please remember that My First Plant can only pay out once you have confirmed your identity using the KYC process. This is required by law.

So far I haven’t had any problems with the payment. Although I haven’t been able to book any harvest yields yet (the 3-4 months are not over yet), the first partner commissions were carried out without any problems (bank transfer).

Earn money online with My First Plant

There are 2 ways to make money online with My First Plant.

V1: Passive income through investment

Of course, you have to buy a hemp plant or the parking space for this and then you have to wait 3-4 months until it is harvested and the yields are then credited.

If you also want to invest in a plant space, you can simply go to register for free.
If you have registered via my link and decide to invest, you will then receive 30€ cashback from me personally. Just write me a short e-mail

V2: Earn money online through recommendations and affiliate commissions

In addition to the investment, you can, of course, like me, MFP My First Plant recommend.

You can do this even if you don’t have your own hemp plant yet.

If you bring people to MyFirstPlant you will receive a 10% commission on the sale of the hemp plant, and later an additional 10% commission on the current crop yields.
However, nothing will be deducted from your recommended person. 🙂

So you can not only build up a recurring income by buying a cannabis pitch, but also by recommending this business model. 

I have attached the more precise commission model as a picture.
(c) by MFP My First Plant GmbH

MFP Recommendation, My First Plant Experience, MyFirstPlant Affiliate
My First Plant Affiliate Program

Update: My First Plant experience - first harvest

In the meantime I have received the 1st harvest. The cannabis harvest, which I sold directly to My First Plant for €1 per gram, yielded a proud 80g. So a total of 80€. According to MFP, however, this should be rather small, future harvests should bring more. We will see. 🙂

Since a plant currently costs €800, we would need about 10 harvests before we break even. With 3 harvests a year, it would be a total of 3 years and 4 months.

Advance sale of My First Plant outdoor plants

In December, MFP started pre-selling the €60 outdoof plants to be grown in Austria. Since space is so limited, only a maximum of 5 outdoor cannabis plants per person can currently be purchased.

Currently (01/23/2022) the 2nd advance sale is taking place. The price has been raised to 65€ per plant.

The indoor plants that are currently being grown in Switzerland are also expected to become more expensive towards March, probably €950 instead of the current €800. So if you want to be part of MFP, you should strike now.

My further My First Plant experience

If you want to know what further experiences I will gain with My First Plant, then it is best to subscribe to my corresponding newsletter.

P. S. I haven’t received any crop yields yet, so I’ll have to be patient, but the first affiliate commissions were paid out without any problems.

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    1. Once an affiliate partner bought a hemp plant, the commission will be credited in my backend. From there I can either use it to either invest it into plants or withdraw it to my bank account (sepa) or crypto.

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