My Robethood experience as a betting expert – Are betting syndicates with Robethood legal?

My Robethood Experience:
Earn 200€ with only 30 – 45 minutes of time.

With Robethood betting communities you can earn free, easy and unlimited money from home, without having to invest money yourself or sell anything to anyone. Over 4427 syndicate participants thought this was a rip-off. And I was also very critical at the beginning. But it works and it is also totally legal.

After my initial skepticism, I got to grips with Robethood to such an extent that I have now even become a Robethood franchisee or betting expert. More on this further down in the blog. 🙂

That it works you can also find on Robethood tip communities Trustpilot – here hundreds of positive reviews have already been published.

Robethood typing pools what is it?

Robethood uses the so-called matched betting in your betting communities to convert bonus money from betting providers into real money.

Matched betting involves betting on any outcome of a game (e.g. soccer match). So, for example, team 1 wins, team 2 wins or draws.

This system is used to clear the bonus funds of various betting providers. And this is calculated in such a way that the betting pool not only has your bet out again in the end, but can also take good profits with it.

If you join Robethood as a new customer or game leader, you are guaranteed to receive 200 – 250€ from this betting pool – and even tax-free!

And the best?

You only have a time investment of maybe 30 – 45 minutes as a new customer. You do NOT need to have any experience in this area and you do not need to advertise or invest anything yourself.

I have also summarized everything for this once in a short 3-minute video. 🙂

Is Robethood legal? Or fraud and a data octopus?

Robethood is not only legal, but also privacy compliant and audited by an external data protection officer. You are welcome to contact SBS Legal if you have any concerns.

Robet hood is also in the process of having an expert opinion prepared for this, and this by one of the best-known Federal Court judges for criminal law, so that it will then also be confirmed by this judge that everything is legal and clean.

Robethood Requirements – What do you need to meet to join?

  1. You must be of age
  2. Legal main residence in Germany or Austria
  3. You are allowed to use max. Own 3 betting accounts

You meet all the requirements and want to join now?

Then feel free to fill out the Robethood new customer form:

And how it goes from there, you can find out in my short 3 minute video.

Unlimited online money making as a Robethood broker:

You can only become a new customer at Robethood once, as betting providers also only pay out new customer bonuses once.

However, this does not have to be the end of the story. If you like, you can still start with us as a mediator afterwards. Of course, this is only optional.

For every new customer you bring in and then play, you’ll get a whole €200 – for every single referral!
And all you have to do is show people how they can earn 200€ in just 30 – 45 minutes for free.

So you can build a mega good income with Robethood Affiliate!

I think it’s brilliant!

But it gets even better:

If your recruited new customers now also want to become agents, you will receive another 35€ per referral in the second level and even another 15€ in the third level. Please also have a look at my short 4 minute video.

And as part of my team at Robethood, you have a few more benefits. Let me explain those to you below.

You want to become a Robethood recommender?
Then feel free to join my team, here are your advantages.

As mentioned at the beginning, I have become so deeply involved with Robethood that I have even become a betting expert on Robethood.
This means that not only do I know my way around here perfectly and can answer all your questions, but you also have a short way to go if you have any questions or you want to know who, how, when is playing.

In addition, we have opened an extra sales group on Telegram for support, questions, as well as ideas and strategy exchange, so that you can also find more new customers and “give” them 200€.

For this, I also share with you strategists that have worked or not worked very well for me. I have recorded extra short teaser videos for you, where short and crisp all the information is nevertheless inside. For those who don’t want to watch 45 minutes of the Robethood webinar.

So there are no more excuses “I haven’t had time yet”. 🙂

Last but not least, we also offer regular incentives and additional rewards for the best sales people. 🙂

So, feel free to join my team and fill out the form:

As soon as you have filled out the form and have been accepted as a mediator, I will contact you and be available to answer any questions you may have.

Otherwise, feel free to post your questions in the comments section of the blog or directly to me on Telegram @melanie_buchholz

You want to know why I became a Robethood betting expert?

Because I think the concept is simply ingenious. I can give people 200€ as a tax-free gift and do it legally and without someone else having to put money in their own hands.
And I do the betting calculations myself, which means that I know exactly where the money comes from and how it works in detail.

For me, this is just the perfect complement to the investment projects you’ll find elsewhere on my blog. Here I know 100% that it works. And especially in the current bear market a mega option to make money online and thus feed my crypto portfolio. 🙂

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