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New Invest Projects + Updates #4-22

Today’s investment update is about:

GGMT gold

Cancri – Attiora – JuicyFields – MyFirstPlant – Business.club – Robotics.online


I have 1 new project for you again, which I haven’t mentioned in my PDF yet and so far there’s no video of me on YouTube, but that will change soon. 🙂

1.  GGMT gold

New project on GOLD with 2% cashback per month

Some people who saw my last video for Cancri asked me about it.

Where can I get my physical gold at cheaper prices than the current market price.

The company is called GGMT Gold or Green Gold Mine Trading GmbH. It was founded in Vienna in October 2018.

I came across the company back in 2020 and tried it out. And also have a small ingot delivered to me. Which worked without any problems

How exactly is it going?

You register under my link:  https://my.ggmt.at/register/? ID=124726

And then you can choose whether you want to be a partner or a customer. You select partners if you also want to earn additional money through partner advertising. This costs a one-time fee of €29 and you have to buy 1g of gold per active month. If you would buy 10g, you would be directly covered for 10 months. You can also just register as a customer and have support rewrite it later if necessary.

GGMT has 3 plans:

Gold for immediate purchase.  Will be delivered from Austria at short notice – gold at the current market price

The RT 36 Month Plan 2%  – There you buy your gold bars at the current market price, but you get 2% cashback for every month that you don’t have them delivered to you. Max. 36 months. You can cancel at any time

VIP RT Target 36 months  – Here, too, you buy at the current market price and get 2% cashback every month. BUT you cannot cancel this plan at any time, but at the earliest after 18 months. In addition to the 2% cashback, there is between 50 and 150% VIP Gold on top.

Depending on the date of purchase, the cashback will be credited to your account on the 1st or 16th of each month.

Current gold price at GGMT

1g currently €73.17

10g – €635.85

20g – €3,128.20

The ingenious thing: you could theoretically sell the gold again TAX-FREE upon delivery if you only had the gold delivered to you in 12 months or more or have kept it. The date that counts here is the date of purchase, NOT the date of delivery

If you are interested and want to know more, feel free to ask me or come directly to the webinar on  Thursday March 10th

Topic: Live presentation GGMT with CEO Helmut Kaltenegger

Time: March 10, 2022 at 6:00 p.m

Join Zoom meeting


Meeting ID: 274 196 7072

Identification code: GGMT



An update that many have been waiting for:

Cancri is in the process of completely converting the payment system and also moving support to Turkey.
The payouts are still not going. But should work again from Monday, March 14th, 2021.
Please do not apply for any further payments until then, but only again from Monday morning.
It is still unclear what will happen to the withdrawals that have already been requested. This information will not be available until tomorrow in the webinar. Whether these are still being processed or will be added back to the balance and payment will need to be requested again.

In the future, the payouts will only be processed once a week to cushion the masses.
And it will only be about crypto. AdvCash, Perfect Money is eliminated.

If you need help with crypto payments: I have included step-by-step instructions for you here:  https://youtu.be/M6rkeo2QQtU

 This weekend the 5th store opens in Trabzon (Turkey). Barcelona is coming in April and in the course of the year Paris, Bonn and …. BERLIN are also expected to come.


5 x 100€ vouchers to give away for new registrations

You don’t have to pay anything at the moment!

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so via my link. When registering, make sure that my Ref ID 733639 is stored in the last field when registering.
Then write me your account ID and name in the account.

Among all those who send me this by Saturday midnight, I’m giving away 5  x 100€ Cancri vouchers – without you having to deposit anything at the moment.


IMPORTANT! This voucher will be deactivated after 30 days if you do not deposit €100 yourself during or after that. But until then you have enough time to decide. 🙂 And by then all payouts should work again.


As soon as my first payout is through, I’ll let you know of course.

If you are not yet in, you are also welcome to join our Cancri Germany group:


update to  Business.Club  & Robotics.online

The 100 USD given at the start are available again after a successful KYC.

There are currently between 0.34 per day and 0.42% per day on the stacked BCT (Business Club token) – 1 BCT corresponds to 1 USD


Also remember to take the borrowed seed capital 300 USD with you at Robotics.online. You will receive a return of 1 month. After the month, the borrowed money is withdrawn, you can keep the return.

https://www.robotics.online/r/ Grow


-> With me there is 1% additional cashback on your investments within the first 90 days


update to  My First Plant


Next week comes the planned price increase:

From March 15, the indoor plant will cost €900 instead of €800 as before.


There will also be a 2nd type of indoor plant for €500 which is said to yield between 40 & 50g of harvest every 120 days.
From March 15th to May 15th they will be available at the introductory price with a 10% discount, i.e. €450, and will be planted around July 2022. So the first harvest will be in early November.

From March 15th you can also do it again  outdoor plants  to buy. Max 10 plants per person instead of 5 as before. As expected, the price has gone up again. 70€ per piece. After that, there should be no more outdoor plants for sale this year.


I will top up again.


update to  Juicy Fields

About 2 weeks ago there was a big webinar from JuicyFields, which  now here  is online. If you don’t understand English well, you can turn on German subtitles. Among other things, the following is clarified here:


General operation of the platform

Why is there no KYC yet

Is JuicyFields a Ponzi scheme?

What are the challenges with banks in the intersection of crypto and cannabis

How can such a high return be achieved?


Conclusion:  Daniel was very authentic and is definitely worth seeing. There is a certain lack of transparency in this business, such as the indicated competitive advantages and insider deals thanks to Alan Glanse’s network and many partners who do not want to be named openly. But this is also how JuicyFields protects its business model.


JF is currently being examined again by the Bafin. The reason for this is probably the conversion from the GmbH to the holding company. There were no problems with the last Bafin exam in 2020, so I think the exam will pass this time too and I’m not worried about that.

That’s all for today! If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to me.

Until next time ❤️

Melanie Buchholz

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