Da die Updates sehr gut bei euch ankommen, machen wir weiter. 🙂


Wenn es dir gefällt oder du Anregungen hast, lass mir gern ein Kommentar da.

Ansonsten ist das ein Update zu meinem Projekten aus meinem persönlichen Portfolio. Falls du ihn noch nicht kennst, kannst du ihn dir hier runterladen. Er wird auch regelmäßig geupdatet.


Auf Deutsch:



Und auf Englisch:



Gern darfst du mein Portfolio und diesen Newsletter natürlich auch weiterempfehlen, ich würde mich sehr freuen. 🙂


I have 1 again new  Project for you, which I have not yet mentioned in my PDF and so far there is no video of mine on YouTube, but will change soon. 🙂

1. NEW: Gym Network

Tomorrow (Friday, March 18th, 2022) the relaunch of Gym Network will finally start. 🥳🔥🔥🔥
I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. 😀 And I’m sure it will be a brilliant project! And it runs decentrally!
Expect you at that Defi project 11%+ return per month. 
And everyone in my line can again regularly at #competitions  participate. 😋

There will only be a ref link when the re-launch has taken place, which is tomorrow. Please let us know if you have any questions or are interested. I myself am in close contact with the developers.

Or come tomorrow in the zooms (links below).


Anyone who wants to be part of Gym Network needs a Metamask account (since it is a decentralized project) and a link to Binance. 

But I basically recommend EVERYONE to have a metamask account. Also independent of this project.


For all those who are new to this, here are instructions (in English) – I will also do some in German.


1. For everyone who is still new to crypto and defi, please follow this tutorial on how to install MetaMask:



2. Once you have installed MetaMask, you need to connect the Binance Smart Chain. Find out how here:



3. Finally, you need to get BNB in your wallet. If you already own other cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can easily exchange them for Smart Chain BNB:


With this toolkit you are now well prepared to get fit for GYM NETWORK‼️  close


 ZOOM calls:


Claudio Catrini:
💪🏼 GYM Network
Pre information 🚀
Special webinar with Claudio Catrini

Webinar Link ENG 🇬🇧

📍 Friday, March 18 4pm (4pm Berlin)

💪🏼 GYM Network
Pre information 🚀
Special webinar with Claudio Catrini

Webinar link GER 🇩🇪

📍 Friday, March 18 at 6 p.m. (Berlin)


The next competition is in the starting blocks.
On 03/27 there is again a total of 1500 USDT.
Prerequisite as always: Registered through me and at least 1 active deposit (min. 50 USDT).

Details and draw will then take place via the Telegram group.
To do this, please write to me on Telegram @melanie_buchholz after registering
I add you.


Register without obligation:




Payouts are still not working. From April 14th should it go again. Official reason: Funds are in the Ukraine, where they are currently not available due to the war. You now have the following options, which currently work (all have been confirmed):

1. Redeem vouchers on site in Turkey

2. Put cashbacks into the Bonus+ program and have them paid out as needed from mid-April.

3.  New  Buy tickets, cashback and payment should work there as usual (have a  new  Set up a payment cycle, so to speak, another pot that runs through Turkey, so it should go with it  new  deposits work)

4. If you refer people and get deposited, 20% of that will be released for you to withdraw.

Leadership Purchase or with the balance new  Paying cards is currently not working.

If you are not yet in, you are also invited to our Cancri Germany group, for all information:


My opinion:
Whether Cancri’s statements are correct or just stalling techniques, I’m not 100% conclusive. I’ll make a video about it over the weekend.
Personally, I would not deposit at the moment, but until April 14th. waiting. Everything else is speculation, where we can’t do anything at the moment anyway. The stores are still there. Redeeming vouchers still works and people with a Turkish account can still pick up their cashback in the store or have it paid out to their account (confirmed several times), since the money here is probably in a different payment run than our previous ones Investments located in Ukraine.


update to  My First Plant


Outdoor plants are now available.

Max. 10 per piece. So 5 more than before. Cost 70€.


The 2nd indoor plant type is online. cost 550€ for 5 years. Crop yield between 40 – 50€. each about 1€ per g.
Until May 15th, these are available at the introductory price of €450 – a €100 discount!


The normal indoor now costs 100€ more. 900€.


I will buy 5 more outdoor plants.


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