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NEW: Salvatara Crowd (Hemp)
Salvatare should really be checked out by all cannabis lovers!
✅ High returns like Juicy Fields
✅ Start from 50 euro
✅ For each plant purchased, 10 are grown so that the promised
Harvest can also be held
✅ 5 Greenhouses
✅ JOINT venture with the Colombian government
✅ Plants or yields are mostly sold before planting,
Customers therefore safe (USA and EU primary)
✅ Hemp products, own token and NFT platform planned
✅ 4 different licenses CBD, THC, export and for further test
💥 brand new & still quite unknown, there will also be quite a bit in the
Back office improved!
I am already in contact with the team of Salvatara, as they are not only in
but also in my new adopted country of Costa Rica.
So I’ll pay a visit to the plantation there. Felix
is already before
and is currently flying on to Colombia in order to also
Check situation and meet the founder.
There are four different categories
Rookie, Beginner, Expert, and Master it will be the specified
Minimum quantities of
Salvatara guaranteed, since the harvest is already at the time of your purchase.
was sold and actually just waiting for delivery. Also
they additionally secure the harvest by growing their own plants.
Rookie: Pitch costs 50.-€
1 harvest (after 104 days)
72.-€ proceeds after harvest (so like JuicyFields)
Beginner: Pitch costs 700.-€
4 Harvests
218.-€ – 232.-€ per harvest
Expert: Pitch costs 1.900.-€
8 harvests
380.-€ – 480.-€ per harvest
Master: Pitch costs 3.300.-€
12 harvests
700.-€ – 1050.-€ per harvest


Currently, there is no public referral program here yet, as soon as you

but min. 5 rookies, please contact me and I will get them for you.
you a ref. Link if need best

To Salvatara

My investment portfolio As are you too 15% return per month can be generated.

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