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Ansonsten ist das ein Update zu meinem Projekten aus meinem persönlichen Portfolio. Falls du ihn noch nicht kennst, kannst du ihn dir hier runterladen. Er wird auch regelmäßig geupdatet.


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Gern darfst du mein Portfolio und diesen Newsletter natürlich auch weiterempfehlen, ich würde mich sehr freuen. 🙂

Before we start, some self-promotion. 😀

The 1k subscribers are done! Thank you everyone for your support. 

Actually, I wanted to do a bigger competition for the occasion, but I decided to do it more often over the next videos. 🙂

So if you’re not following me on YouTube yet and don’t want to miss the raffles, you’re cordially invited:

The details of the competition, as well as all the following competitions for my partners, will be communicated on YouTube and in my Telegram exchange group:

Here you can ask any questions you have about my presented and other projects.

NEW:  TheMig Club

I’ve been following The Mig Club project for a few weeks and this week I’ve been intensively involved with it and I’ve decided to invest here. For starters, I personally started with €5k.

My introductory video incl. Sweepstakes worth €110 😊https://youtu.be/fJVOc5Lv_Ts 


Registered since 07/03/2021 – Already very common in Italy, still very unknown here

✅ daily up to 0.66% – for 12 months or until your investment has tripled.
✅ Yield 7 days a week
✅ from €100 start investment (BTC or USdT)
✅ Super clear 

👉🏼 https://office.themig.club/register/Grow24

Returns are generated by:

📈 Forex trading 
🌐Crypto trading
⛓Own stable coin: TheMig (linked to €)
🏪Own online shop


⚙️Licensed in Dubai

🧬All of The Mig Club’s Ceo’s have digital footprints


✅ TheMig Social – supports the non-profit organization Aldasocial (against poverty)


Salvatare should really be checked out by all cannabis lovers!

✅ High returns like Juicy Fields
✅ Starting from 50 euros
✅ For every plant purchased, 10 will be grown so that the promised harvest can be kept
✅ 5 greenhouses 
✅ JOINT venture with the Colombian government
✅ Plants and yields are mostly sold before planting, so buyers are certain (USA and EU primarily) 
✅ Hemp products, own token and NFT platform planned 
✅ 4 different licenses CBD, THC, export and for further test

💥 brand new & still quite unknown, there are also some improvements to be made in the back office!

I am already in contact with the Salvatara team as they not only grow in Colombia but also in my new adopted country of Costa Rica.
 So I’ll pay a visit to the plantation there. Felix has already been there and is currently flying on to Colombia to check the situation there and meet the founder.
There are four different categories 
Rookie, Beginner, Expert, and Master The specified minimum quantities of Salvatara are guaranteed, as the harvest has already been sold at the time of your purchase and is actually just waiting for delivery. They also secure the harvest by growing their own plants.

rookie:    Parking space costs 50 €
                    1 harvest (after 104 days)
                    72.-€ proceeds after the harvest (like JuicyFields)

beginners:  Parking space costs 700 €
                    4 harvests
                    218.-€ – 232.-€ per harvest

experts:    Parking space costs €1,900
                   8 harvests
                   380.-€ – 480.-€ per harvest

Master:   Parking space costs €3,300
                   12 harvests
                   700.-€ – 1050.-€ per harvest

👉🏼 https://salvataracrowd.com/ gegevens/?ref=germanyL3A1

There is currently no public referral program here, but as soon as you min. If you have bought 5 rookies, please contact me and I will get you a ref. link if needed.

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