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New Investment Projects + Updates #2-22

Today’s article is about the following investments:

Business.Club | Attiora | Deal X | Cancri | Juicy Fields | YieldNodes


I have again 1 new project for you,

which I have not yet mentioned in my PDF

and so far also no video on YouTube

from me on this, but will soon be

change 🙂

People are constantly coming up with new platforms

to me 99% obvious scam.

But why am I hanging at Business.Club

remained? Business.Club is promoted by

none other than the REAL Wolf of

Wall Street Jordan Belfort. Sure, he is a

real shark. We all know the story,

I think. But of course he also has a

lot of followers and with him as a bandwagon,

can really make something out of it in my opinion

be Among other things, he has in December 2021 on

the Blockchain Word Summit in Abu Dhabi

presented this business. Also have the

to the Swiss Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Finma).

Financial Market Authority) for a license

applied (not yet received!)

Business Club AG based in Zurich

have a starting capital of CHF 100,000. The

Project itself should be a bit longer

or the company should have a

association of several companies from

originally be Malta. The Business Club is

a constantly growing, stable ecosystem.

For example, the club offers its own

Cryptocurrency, an innovative wallet for

Cryptocurrencies, a Visa Card, a Social

-media platform, the opportunity to make money

transfer between its users and

much more. You also have your own VISA

Map You can use there for example the BCT

(Business Club Token) acquire and

you get on the Staking  daily 0,346%

0,566%. Payout or reinvest it is

possible already from 10 USD. Currently gets

you from Business.Club 100 USD seed capital

as a gift when you go through the KYC! For

90 days blocked. If you then join

you should have min. 100 USD extra

deposits. The term is between 180

and 720 days. At the 720 day plan and a

minimum Investment of USD 100 and

constant reinvest makes this a profit

of 1800 USD!

The enormously high returns make me

nevertheless be careful. But I am ready

to risk with a smaller amount, to

Reason of the company headquarters of Switzerland, the

applied for license and Belford as a draught horse.

The money is to be raised, among other things, by trading

generated. Please remember that

it is a high risk investment ! It can

also be all gone! Currently it works on

any case and still runs on the Etherium

Blockchain, but are in the process of creating their own

Shaping Blockchain – the Buisness Clubs


Who would like to be present, gladly over my



Go to Business.Club page




2.  DEAL X

The token price has already risen to 0.33, or almost

0.34 € increased.

All who hold tokens automatically take

participate in a Reward Program. Yield

varies depending on how many people in the pool

are and how many tokens.

Currently we are still in PreSale! With

the leek of the Exchanger this quarter

sales and the return on investment will once again

increase enormously. Here 25% of the

Exchange sales go into the pools.

Who would like to know more or

would like to register without obligation, can

do here:



There are also weekly Zoom Calls

held for further information.



Update to


Cancri is running a special offer until Feb. 22.

Promotion. I copy this for you in english

 in here:

From February 15 to February 22, all

purchases are made on the basis of an

increased bonus:

Booking Card – 6%
Booking Card Moissanite – 7%
The dynamic bonus during this period works

according to the new table:
•from 300€ – 7.2%
•from 900€ – 7.4%
•from 2700€ – 7.6%
•from 8100€ – 8.0%
•from 25000€ – 8.5%
•from 50000€ – 9%

In the time you get additionally also 20%

as an extra card on your deposit and 10%

extra on crypto deposit.

Remember that, as of March 1, Cancri will be

Cashbacks reduced by 1% each.

In March, 2 more stores will be opened in Turkey

 opened: Izmir and Trabzon. End of March resp.

April, Barcelona will finally be added to the list.

This year, in addition, in Istanbul

on the European side come a store

and in Paris.

Also there will soon be a VIP Cancri Club

give I have tried more information

to get, but that is still strictly

secret. In March there will be information

to this. 🙂

If you are not registered yet, you are welcome to

via my link. Watch out for the

Registration that in the last field at the

Registration deposited my Ref ID 733639

is. If you have bought a BookingCard

and then still your cell phone number deposited

and send me your account ID within 2 days

writes, I give you still another 50€

Bonus Card additionally. 🙂 And stand you for

Questions of course always available.

Also with Cancri are for my part from March/.

April Gewi.nn games planned for my partners,

so I want to tell you something about the

Af.filiate income again. 🙂



Update to 

Juicy Fields

There is a  notice from Bafin

regarding the possible absence of a


JuicyFields comments on this as follows:
BaFin has not yet noticed that

a restructuring took place at JF

has. This is a standard message from BaFin

and has no relevant effect. The BaFin

JF has neither the distribution, nor the mediation

prohibited. JF’s legal department is in the process of submitting relevant documentation for clarification.”

Since JuicyFields has in the past already had a

Bundesbank examination successfully passed

I personally do not care much about this.


To Juicy Fields

Update to 


YieldNodes continues to run great! And is

in my opinion one of the safest

Projects in the Node area. The team is super

transparent and has been running for over 28(!) months,

without fraud. Even in times of crisis   has

YieldNodes paid reliably and stably.

Also, YN has a so-called Reserve Fund,

in order to ensure stability and sustainability

ensure. YN retains only 15% of the

earnings and 85% is distributed. At

On average, this gives you 11% per month.
There will also very soon be some usecases for

Masternoded Coins published. Also will

currently a ledger stick developed for own


Tip: If you believe in the project, but liquid

would like to stay, who can also directly in

YieldNodes largest coin SAPP invest, the

is already ranked 160 and last week

also put in a tremendous performance.

However, the coin is less for

Crypto beginners suitable, since he has so far only on

few stock exchanges is listed.

Go to YieldNodes

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