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Ansonsten ist das ein Update zu meinem Projekten aus meinem persönlichen Portfolio. Falls du ihn noch nicht kennst, kannst du ihn dir hier runterladen. Er wird auch regelmäßig geupdatet.


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Gern darfst du mein Portfolio und diesen Newsletter natürlich auch weiterempfehlen, ich würde mich sehr freuen. 🙂


I have 1 new project for you again, which I haven’t mentioned in my PDF yet and so far there’s no video of me on YouTube, but that will change soon. 🙂

People keep coming at me with new platforms 99% obvious scam.
But why did I get stuck with Business.Club?

Business.Club is promoted by none other than the REAL Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. Sure, he’s a real shark. We all know the story I think. But of course he also has a lot of followers and with him as a driving force, I think something can really come of it. Among other things, he presented this business in December 2021 at the Blockchain World Summit in Abu Dhabi.
They have also applied to the Swiss Finma (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) for a license (not yet received!)

Business Club AG based in Zurich have starting capital of CHF 100,000. The project itself is said to have existed for a little longer or the company should be a merger of several companies originally from Malta.

The Business Club is a constantly growing, stable ecosystem. For example, the club offers its own cryptocurrency, an innovative cryptocurrency wallet, a Visa card, a social media platform, the ability to transfer funds between its users and much more. They also have their own VISA card

For example, you can buy the BCT (Business Club Token) there and get 0.346% – 0.566% on staking daily . Payout and or reinvest is possible from as little as 10 USD.

Business.Club currently gives you USD 100 in seed capital if you go through the KYC! Blocked for 90 days. If you then want to take part, you should min. Deposited an additional $100.
The term is between 180 and 720 days. With a 720-day plan and a minimum investment of USD 100 and constant reinvesting, that makes a profit of USD 1800 !

However, the enormously high yields make me cautious. But I’m willing to risk it with a smaller amount, because the company is based in Switzerland, the license applied for and Belford as the driving force. The money should be generated through trading, among other things.

Please remember that it is a high-risk investment ! It can all be gone!

Currently it works in any case and is still running on the Etherium blockchain, but we are in the process of designing our own blockchain – the Buisness Clubs blockchain.

If you want to be there, you can use my link:

Attiora continues to run great and has been very well received.

In the meantime I have also written a video and a blog entry about it:

https://greatestofalllifes. com/attiora-experiences

Attiora has been a holding company since February 3rd, 2022 and the documents for the holding company have now been updated. Seed capital: USD 800 million, deposit protection of USD 740 million USD and the ASIC license now also runs on the holding company.

However, please always bear in mind that EVERY project carries risks, no matter how much supposed security a company gives us. As always, do your own due diligence.

Personally, I am still completely enthusiastic about the high returns of 1% + per day, the enormous transparency and the “security” thanks to the ASIC license (Australian BaFin) and the deposit protection of USD 740 million.

You are welcome to register without obligation under my link and then come to our team group, where you will get free insight into the company documents, support with questions and regular competitions. A total of 1500 USD would be raffled off for Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss the next one. 😉

If you would like to take a closer look at Attiora, you can register here without obligation: aB4PPoXzX

The token price has already risen to €0.33 or almost €0.34.

Everyone who holds tokens automatically participates in a reward program. Yield varies depending on how many people are in the pool and how many tokens.

Currently we are still in PreSale! With the launch of the Exchanger this quarter, sales and returns will increase enormously. Here 25% of the Exchange turnover will go into the pools.

If you want to know more or want to register without obligation, you can do so here:

Weekly zoom calls are also held there for further information.


There is still a promotion running at Cancri until February 22nd. I’ll copy it here in English for you:

From February 15 to February 22, all purchases are made on the basis of an increased bonus:

Booking Card – 6%
Booking Card Moissanite – 7%
The dynamic bonus during this period works according to the new table:
•from 300€ – 7.2%
•from 900€ – 7.4%
•from 2700€ – 7.6%
•from 8100€ – 8.0%
•from 25000€ – 8.5%
•from 50000€ – 9%

During this time you also get 20% as an extra card on your deposit and 10% extra for crypto deposits.

Remember that starting March 1st, Cancri is reducing cashbacks by 1% each.

In March 2 more shops will be opened in Turkey: Izmir and Trabzon.
At the end of March or April, Barcelona will finally be there.

This year there will also be a shop in Istanbul on the European side and in Paris.

There will also be a VIP Cancri Club soon. I’ve been trying to get more information, but it’s still top secret. There will be information about this in March. 🙂

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so via my link. When registering, make sure that my Ref ID 733639 is stored in the last field when registering.
If you have bought a BookingCard and then left your cell phone number and write me your account ID within 2 days, I will give you an additional 50€ bonus card. 🙂 And of course I’m always available for questions.

Also at Cancri I am planning raffles for my partners from March/April, so I want to give you back some of the affiliate income. 🙂

Update on Juicy Fields

There is a note from Bafin regarding the possible lack of a sales prospectus.

JuicyFields comments on this as follows:
BaFin has not yet noticed that a restructuring has taken place at JF. This is a standard BaFin report and has no relevant effect. BaFin has not prohibited JF from selling or brokering. JF’s legal department is in the process of submitting relevant documentation for clarification.”

Since JuicyFields has already successfully passed a Bundesbank audit in the past, I personally don’t think much about this.

Update to YieldNodes

YieldNodes continues to run great! And is, in my opinion, one of the safest projects in the node area. The team is super transparent and has been running for over 28(!) months with no fraud. Even in times of crisis, YieldNodes has paid reliably and stably.

YN also has a so-called reserve fund to ensure stability and sustainability. YN only keeps 15% of the income and 85% is distributed. On average you get 11% per month.
Some use cases for masternoded coins will also be published very soon. A ledger stick is also currently being developed for your own coins.

Tip: Anyone who believes in the project but wants to remain liquid can also invest directly in YieldNode’s largest coin SAPP, which is already in 160th place and also had an enormous performance last week. However, the coin is less suitable for crypto beginners as it is only listed on a few exchanges so far.

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