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Paraiba Experiences - Paraiba World

I see the Paraiba platform as having a lot of substance in this area.

In addition to crypto trading, they also earn money on the crypto exchange with their unique platform, as well as in the real estate market. This serves above all to be able to balance out the volatile market, as well as to secure the capital in the long term. You also run a fan shop from which income is also generated

Paraiba Return & Minimum Investment

You can start here with an investment of €25 or €100. With 25€ you secure an account. From 100€ you get a return. You receive 0.3% or 0.5% on your investment 4 days a week (Thursday to Sunday). That works out to about 5.4% per month. You can have the winnings paid out to you daily (the minimum amount is €100) or you can reinvest the winnings (possible from €25). You can have your stake paid out after 6 months.

Paraiba - Business Presentation:

The Paraiba affiliate program:

With Paraiba you can also make very good money through recommendations. You get commissions on several levels. In the 1st level (your direct recommendations) you can also receive up to 0.3% on 4 days a week, i.e. just as much as you would earn from your own investment. There are various bonuses here: Pool Bonus, Firstline Bonus, Downline Bonus, Ranking Bonus etc. If you want the exact details here, let me know, I’ll be happy to send you something or explain it to you personally.

Is Paraiba Scam or Legit?

The platform has been active since 2019.

In addition to their own communication/chat app, they also have their own e-wallet/ Exchange (Unique Exchange). you sponsorn a soccer stadium


and much more.

Pariba Reinvest and Yield Calculation

*** Free Yield Spreadsheet ***

I have a great Excel spreadsheet for you that you can use to easily see how your investment at Paraiba can develop each month. You simply enter your start investment and start date and you can see the development of your investment with automatic reinvest if you want. If you also use the partner program, you can add it manually when a new partner registers and invests and it will be included in your return forecast. Detailed instructions for the table are in the video.

My Paraiba experience and opinion

My experiences with Paraiba World and Unique Exchange:

I initially invested over 3000€ there to have the recommended set-up. 1 main account with at least 1000€ and 20 subaccounts with yes 100€.

I’m a fan of this platform, this one has a lot of potential and longer survivability in my opinion. I currently receive a return of more than 10% on my investment.

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